Fourth Semester

BPA 405: Development Planning and Nepalese Economy

The course objective is to provide the better understanding of development planning theory and Nepalese Economy.

  1. Development Planning
    • Concept of Development and Growth
    • Concept of Development Planning
    • Types of Planning
    • Importance of development planning in developing countries
  2. Nepalese Economy and development plan
    • Structure and corporate of Nepalese Economy-Agriculture and non-agriculture
    • Sources of Resources – Natural, human, physical, financial, social capital resources
  3. Planning in Nepal
    • Overview and characteristics of National Planning in Nepal
    • Economic Policies, Program and Progress
    • National Plan Formulation Process
    • Role of Planning Institutions
  4. Human Development in Nepal
    • Concept of Human Development
    • Human Development Status of Nepal
    • Poverty and its status in Nepal
    • Causes and effect of poverty in Nepal
  5. Concept of Foreign Trade and Commerce
    • Trade policy
    • Growth and composition of foreign trade in Nepal and its issues and constraints
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Local Governance Specialization

LG 471: Local Planning

This course aims to ensure students to learn about the planning and its importance at local level, its strategies, processes and its outcomes so that they can assume the responsibility as planner at local level.


  1. Concept and approaches of local planning; Role and importance of planning at local government level; relations between local plan and national plan
  2. Roles and responsibilities of local governments; Situation analysis and need assessment stakeholders participation; Resource planning and local plan
  3. Planning process at local bodies: planning at VDCs and Municipalities and District level planning, participation of different stakeholders in local planning process
  4. Focus of local planning in Nepal: priority areas of planning, resource planning and priority of planning; plan implementation,
  5. Monitoring and evaluation, issues and challenges of local planning, field work


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