First Semester

BPA 105: Organization Theory

The objective of this course is to impart the knowledge of organization theory. It also gives the glimpse of the theoretical development of organization.

  1. Organization
    • Concept and Types of organization
    • Bases of organization
    • Organizational goals
  2. Management
    • Concept
    • Functions such as planning, organizing, coordinating, leadership, Controlling
  3. Structure of Organizations
    • Line and staff agency
    • Pyramid shape, Bell shape, Flat shape, Matrix structure
  4. Authority and Power
    • Traditional authority
    • Charismatic authority
    • Legal rational authority
  5. Theories of Organizations
    • Scientific management theory
    • Administrative theory
    • Bureaucratic theory
    • Human relation theory
    • Behavioral theory
    • System theory
    • Contingency theory
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