Human Resource Management

HRM 464: Performance Management

The objective of this course is to impart to the basic knowledge and skill for improving the human performance in organizations. It intends to provide the contemporary conceptual framework of performance management.


  1. Foundation of Performance Management: Introduction, Perspectives of Performance management, per-requisites of Performance Management, Characteristics of and Objectives of Performance Management, Principles of Performance management, Performance Management Model and Benefits of Performance management
  2. Performance Planning: Concept of Performance Planning, Setting Performance Criteria, Characteristics and Principles of Performance criteria, Process of Setting Performance Criteria, Characteristics and Objectives of Performance planning, process of Performance Planning and Barriers of Performance Planning
  3. Performance Managing: Concept, Characteristics, Objectives, Importance and Process of Performance Managing
  4. Performance Appraisal: Concept, Characteristics, Objectives, importance, Principles, Process, Approaches and Methods of Performance appraisal
  5. Performance Monitoring: Concept, Characteristics, Objectives, importance, Principles, Process of Performance Monitoring Performance Management Audit


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