Development Management Sixth Semester

DM 451: Project Management

This course aims to develop students understanding of the basic concepts and tools of project management so that they can handle projects.


  1. Introduction: Concept and types of Project, Relation between Plan, Program and Project, Project Cycle, Project Management.
  2. Project planning: Concept of Project Formulation, Project Planning Process, Feasibility study and Proposal Writing
  3. Project Appraisal: Concept and aspects of Project Appraisal – market, technical, economic, financial, environmental, organizational, Appraisal Technique: Concept of Discounting and Non Discounting Technique
  4. Project Implementation: Concept of Project Implementation, types of project organization structure, Project Scheduling : Gantt Chart, Network Techniques – PERT, CPM
  5. Project monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluation adopted by NPC Nepal, Project Management Information System (PMIS): Concept and Process, Case study preparation


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