Seventh Semester

BPA 432: Recent Trends in Public Management

This course intends to know students about new issues in public affairs management at present.


  1. Reforms in Public Sector: Background of Public Sector activities, Failure of Traditional Public Sector, Principal Agent Theory, Public Choice Theory, Institutional Theory
  2. Public Sector: Management by Objective, Management by Result, Corruptions in Public Sector, Problems and challenge in Public Sector, Solution of Problems and challenge in the Public Sector
  3. Public Sector Management: Office Management, Complain Management, Public hearing, Mobile Service, Citizen Charter
  4. New Public Management: Concept, Characteristics, Need, Strength and weaknesses; Application of New Public Management
  5. Marketing of Public Sector: Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization, Public Privatization partnership, Effective Service Delivery, Total Quality management, Constraints of Marketing Public Services


  • Bangural, Y. and George A.L. (2007). Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries. Palgrave Macmilan.
  • Brendan, C.N. (2001). Public Sector Reform: An International Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan.

Human Resource Management

HRM 465: Total Quality Management (TQM)

The purpose of this course is to acquaint with the students about the application of the concept of total quality management in organizations.


  1. Fundamentals of TQM: Concept, Basic elements, Major approaches, Difference between traditional management and Total Quality Management, TQM System, Benefits of TQM
  2. TQM Processes: Concept and Significance of Process reform, Quality Process, Continuous Reform, Strategies for Total Reform, Crises management against Reform
  3. Quality and Quality Circle (QC): Concept of Quality, Quality Dimensions, Concept of Quality circle, Characteristics of Quality Circle, Scope and Objectives of QC
  4. Leadership in TQM: Role of Leadership in TQM, Attributes of TQM leadership, organization Culture and behavior, Norms for employees
  5.  Continuous Improvement and Quality in Public Service: Concept of Kaizen, Characteristics of Kaizen, Kaizen cycle, implementation of TQM in Public Sector


Bagada, S.D. (2008). Total Quality Management. Delhi: Himalayan Publishing House.

Bank, John (2000). Total Quality management. India: Pearson Education Ltd.

Dhakal, Bimal (2066). Total Quality Management. Kathmandu: Airabati Prakashan.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Specialization

Human resources management (HRM) specialization area prepares students about personnel management in any type of institution. They study about personnel administration in Nepal, administrative reforms, performance management, total quality management, employer-employee relations etc.

HRM 461: Nepalese Personnel AdministrationTheory3
HRM 462: Administrative ReformTheory3
HRM 463: Human Resource DevelopmentTheory3
HRM 464: Performance ManagementTheory3
HRM 465: Total Quality ManagementTheory3
HRM 466: Employer-Employee RelationsTheory3