Human Resource Management

HRM 463: Human Resource Development

The objective of this course is to aware of the students to the theories and practices of human resource development and its management so that after the completion of this course they can assume the role of human resource manager in the public as well as in private organizations.


  1. Introduction: Concept and Nature of human resource development; Human and social capital building and human development; indicators of human resource development, Function of HRM, difference between HRM & HRD.           
  2. Human Resource Planning: Human resource plan at Macro and Micro Level; Governing factors for human resource plan.
  3. Acquisition and utilization of Human Resources: Recruitment, training and development, Human resource inventory, Performance appraisal, socialization, Promotion, transfer and retirement.
  4. Compensation and Benefits: Salary and other benefits like health, education, transport, housing, insurance, safety, compensation policy
  5. Human resource Policies and Practices for Human Resource Development: Inclusiveness; positive discrimination and affirmative policies; issues and challenges.


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