Local Governance Specialization

LG 476: Public Service Delivery

The objectives of this course is to aware of the students about the paradigm shift in the policy of the government to act in partnership or in a collaborative way so that the services delivered to the people become reliable, satisfactory and trust worthy in quality and quantity.


  1. Introduction: Concept and meaning of public service delivery, pattern of service delivery, Sectoral engagement in public service delivery.
  2. Forms of service delivery, procedures of service delivery, technology used in service delivery, RTI and Public service delivery
  3. Approaches in public service delivery, organizations, planning and control for public service delivery, transparency in public service delivery
  4. Networking in public service delivery, interrelationship between citizen and governments in service delivery, integrity in service delivery
  5. Issues in public service delivery- quality vs quantity, service standard, benchmarking, participation and accountability


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