Development Management

Development Management Specialization

Development management specialization area prepares students for management in different development institutions and development projects. It includes subjects with any type of project management, tourism project management, cooperative management, management in disastrous situation, societal development, and auditing.

DM 451: Project ManagementTheory3
DM 452: Cooperative ManagementTheory3
DM 453: Tourism ManagementTheory3
DM 454: Social DevelopmentTheory3
DM 455: Auditing in NepalTheory3
DM 456: Disaster ManagementTheory3
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Specialization

Human resources management (HRM) specialization area prepares students about personnel management in any type of institution. They study about personnel administration in Nepal, administrative reforms, performance management, total quality management, employer-employee relations etc.

HRM 461: Nepalese Personnel AdministrationTheory3
HRM 462: Administrative ReformTheory3
HRM 463: Human Resource DevelopmentTheory3
HRM 464: Performance ManagementTheory3
HRM 465: Total Quality ManagementTheory3
HRM 466: Employer-Employee RelationsTheory3
Local Governance Specialization

Local Governance Specialization

Local governance specialization area prepares students about governance at local levels, planning, and management related tasks.

LG 471: Local PlanningTheory3
LG 472: NGO GovernanceTheory3
LG 473: Rural-Urban PartnershipTheory3
LG 474: Public Private PartnershipTheory3
LG 475: Local FinanceTheory3
LG 476: Public Service DeliveryTheory3