Sixth Semester

BPA 424: Environment Management and Climate Change

The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with environment management so that they can learn to strategies to save environmental degradation and climate change.


  1. Introduction: Environment and Development: concept, components, Importance of Environment. Sustainable Development: Evolution of Environmentalism, Emergence, concept and Features of Development.
  2. Environment and Ecology: Ecology: Concept, Types, and Components.
  3. International and Regional Initiatives for Environmental Management. Environment Impact Assessment and Climate Change: Environmental Impact Assessment: concept, need and importance and practices. Climate change and its adaptation: Its nature, impact, mitigation and adaptation.
  4. Institutional Arrangement in Nepal: government, NGOs, private sector, local government, and legal instrument.
  5. Environmental Management in Nepal: Environmental Initiatives in Nepal: Policies, plans and strategies of Government on Environment. Environmental Issues in Nepal: Environmental issues that are facing Nepal and their solutions.


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  • Krishnamoorthy, Bala (2008). Environmental Management Text and Cases. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India